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Hi rocket French, Yes, I to recommend rocket French. Why? It is suitable especially for beginners like me. It was convenient, have a clear and concise explanation in English, then in comparison to the French. French does not explain group courses, which had met recently, why was English, d. h, refers to a translation into English grammar and vocabulary, etc.-, which rocket french download has been deprecated. But the rocket French for that. Clears any confusion and movements to allow, without feeling insecure or are confused about what is meant. It is possible that this wealth of information to lead and give you confidence in the learning of the French have. I work with a Quebec and I am very impressed with my progress since I started to use the rocket. The weekly newsletter is more suited for the deployment of the most interesting aspects of the French language and culture and the reading of the text has become easier and easier to understand. Often, they start with a lesson and know that I click but still a clear idea of won you on something, I'm not sure, follow this link to a deeper level and go so deep into the subtleties that I lose the idea of what I wanted to study, what fascinated me. This my confidence immensely that next time come I here I can continue forward knowing that I understand it in the change instead of just brushing. Therefore this does not seems to me now, make not finished by a lesson from front to back, because there is much on the way through the teaching provided by the connection to learn more. A manual could never do. The electronic version is more convenient to use. Boyne Saunders-Ottawa, Canada most critical 1483. .